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Tea with benefits

Medicinal or otherwise tea can foster a sense of well being.

Both green and black teas do contain significant levels of antioxidants. But there are other plants that contain caffeine. These are the Guayusa and the Yaupon, ingredients of the new herbal caffeinated blends AllNighter and Yaupon Green and Black by Harney & Sons.

New blends also for Palais des Thés: Scandinavian Detox for natural defence,

from Belloq Tea in Brooklyn the new blend is Corazon de Cien Fuegos No.100.

Flu Fighter is the blend from The Tea Spot

For a boost of energy Detox BB from Kusmi Tea, and three new blends for Rishi Tea: Artemisia Lemon Qi Tonic, Patagonia Super Berry and Quince Eucalyptus.

Mariage Frères is touting the benefits of its green tea Gabacha rich in GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid) that promotes relaxation without fatigue. For bedtime, Mariage Frères has added at their collection Dream Tea. Pukka Herbs, based in UK, combines a mix of leaves to make the blend Night Time.

All the information are taken from The Wall Street Journal - Saturday/Sunday June 13-14, 2020

Thanks to #dorotheajohnson that sent me the article.

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